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I’ve been playing and seeing hockey for over 25 years. I started blogging about the sport in2015 I do not believe I’ve ever remained in a circumstance where I didn’t understand what to state.

That has actually all altered.

With the effects that we as a whole society are dealing with at the hands of COVID-19, my mind has actually been frozen shut thus lots of automobile doors in the north this previous winter season. I have a number of huge posts simply inches far from conclusion however have actually struggled to take a seat, focus up and get things done.

Hell,I’ve simply chewed up over a hundred words of this dream hockey rambling by merely … Rambling away.

Okay, fine. I’ll effort to focus up and a minimum of discuss hockey here. But feel in one’s bones, it’s a battle!


I’ll beginning this by stating I’ve totally shivered my hopes that we see hockey once again this year. NHL hockey that is, I might or might not have actually gotten up early and saw some Russian junior league the other day.

This might remain in self-preservation so my heart will not be broken as soon as again, or possibly it’s simply pessimism. But let’s state the 2019-20 season is done. What the hell do they provide for the draft lotto? What about groups with conditional choices?

Here’s what I’m thinking.

Just like the 2005 draft, you toss all 31 clubs into the lotto. You weight it properly based upon the standings at the time of suspension, and after that draw away. Teams like Detroit and Ottawa would still have a frustrating possibility of landing leading 5 choices.

Realistically, you would put a limitation on the variety of areas a group can leap– like they utilized to do. That method no ripper groups wind up at the top of the pyramid.

This would resolve the problem of conditional choices too. As the tweet above states, let’s have a look at Vancouver for instance. They moved a conditional 2020 initially in exchange for J.T. Miller First off, they squashed that offer in spite of lots of people questioning it at the time.

TampaBay then moved that choice in addition to Nolan Foote to theDevils The condition connected is that if the Canucks make the playoffs in 2019-20, they lose the choice. If not, they keep it and after that New Jersey gets an unguarded 2021 very first rounder.

In this situation, the 31 groups are drawn at the lotto. If the Canucks wind up with a choice inside the top-15, they keep their choice as that would represent ‘missing out on the playoffs’. If they land in the 16-31 slots, they offer NJ the choice. At the time of suspension, the Canucks sat T-18 th.


Here’s another angle at how the NHL will try to bless a Cup Winner this year.

This would be some wild things, however I might come down on it. Playoff hockey raving through the summer season would actually include a shock to the Canadian economy. And then we ‘d (most likely) even get a take a look at a truncated schedule in 2020-21


I was on TSN radio over the weekend to talk draft, COVID-19, Canucks and more. Have a listen here


Ah hell, here we go.


Here’s something for you: NickSuzuk i is rather plainly a notch or 3 ahead of JesperiKotkaniemi nowadays inMontreal One completed his sophomore season in the American League, the other was promoting that 3rd area on the Calder tally.

But if you put a weapon to my head over who I believe will be the very best gamer in their prime, look out now, due to the fact that I’ll be choosing Kotka.

Don’ t forget that this kid is rather actually, a kid. He was the youngest gamer in the league in 2018-19 This year he was 19 for all his action. And will continue to be so intoJune He has all sorts of possible and a lot of time to arrive.

Suzuki is excellent, and I’m tickled to own him in a dynasty. But do not sleep on the 2018 third-overall choice. His bust out might yet be down the line, however it’s coming.


Speaking of the Habs, their leading possibility, ColeCaufield as chosen to go back to the University of Wisconsin for a sophomore season.

The15 th general choice from 2019 had a standout freshman season at UW. He co-lead first-year gamers with 19 objectives. He blazed a trail in shots (140) and shots-per-game (3.89). His 36 points in 36 video games were 3rd.

From a developmental perspective, returning from another NCAA season is simply great. He was constantly expected to be a two-year wait. From a dream point of view, it’s less perfect in non-dynasty setups. I myself have Caufield in a league that’s dipping down to 15 keepers. I prepared him with the complete objective of keeping him. I likewise believed he ‘d turn professional and be on the Habs leading PP next year.

Decisions choices.


The 2 true-freshmen ahead of Caufield on that scoring list are Colorado’s AlexNewhook and Anaheim’s TrevorZegras We have not heard what their strategy is for next year, however I believe there’s a good possibility they both turn professional. If they do, their effect next year will be really restricted, however their advantage stays high.

I had Zegras and Newhook ranked 5th and 6th respectively lastJune Points simply appear to follow them around, albeit in several methods.

Zegras is a bit small however plays an excessively tough design– nearly too tough sometimes. He’s likewise a premier supplier. We’re talking elite levels of imagination and accuracy. He can dish it with the very best of them.

Meanwhile,Newhook has the speed and ability mix that makes opposition coaches gameplan versus and fans drool. First of all, it was a travesty that he was sitting there at choice16 Colorado capturing him and BowenByram in 2015 was a coup.


The QMJHL has actually revealed that they have actually formally cancelled their routine season matches and will seed the playoffs on a point-percentage basis. The WHL and OHL are anticipated to do the same.

TheMemorial Cup is expected to run in lateMay Again, my expectation is that it will all be cleaned away.


This is oddly lovely from Gritty.

Look after yourself. Look after your household. Look out for your neighborhood. We’re all in this together. Oh, and buy hand cream. IF you’re anything like me, your hands are currently dry af.


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